SDGs Action
Kyushu Sustainability Initiative
Tatsuro Ishibashi
President, Kyushu University
Humanity is currently facing a range of challenges, including climate change, extreme poverty, and economic inequality. In these circumstances, the 2015 United Nations Summit created the SDGs: Sustainable Development Goals. The universal goals are expected to be achieved by 2030. The United Nations has identified the ten years beginning in 2020 as the "Decade of Action" to accelerate efforts to achieve the SDGs and called for a greater emphasis on achieving a sustainable society.
Shunsuke Managi
Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO), Distinguished Professor, Kyushu University
Kyushu University has set its goal to contribute to the "Sustainable Development of the Human Being." The following three requirements are required for human sustainable development.
1) Promote development (equivalent to a "comfortable future society") that can meet the needs of today's generation without compromising the ability to meet the needs of future generations.
2) Set greenhouse gas emissions toward a real zero target by 2050 (equivalent to "a decarbonized society").
3) Guarantee a healthy and secure society (equivalent to a "health and security society").