17 Goals


Publication year


  1. NEW

    Q-AOS Brown Bag Seminar #83 ”The Impacts of Greenwashing and Competence Greenwashing on Sustainable Finance and ESG Investing”

  2. NEW

    Q-AOS Brown Bag Seminar #82 ”Introduction of activities towards the commercialisation of research results”

  3. NEW

    Manuscript Writing & Publishing Workshop by Nature Journals Editors

  4. NEW

    Q-AOS Brown Bag Seminar #81 ”Recent Topics in Polymer Interface Research and Its Development to Social Implementation”

  5. NEW

    [Internal] Public Relations Seminar: Raise the impact of your research with EurekAlert!

  6. NEW

    Q-AOS Brown Bag Seminar #80 ”VLanguage Teaching through SDGs: The Effectiveness of International Co-learning with the CLIL Approach”

  7. 2023 I2CNER Annual Symposium

  8. Q-AOS Brown Bag Seminar #79 ”Development of small molecules targeting RNA ~Toward the creation of small-molecular tools to modulate RNA function and the drug discovery for RNA targets~”

  9. I²CNER Special Lecture Series : Dr. Jill Engel-Cox (2023.2.7~2023.3.14)

  10. Q-AOS Brown Bag Seminar #78 ”Immune regulation technologies for chronic inflammatory diseases that are rapidly increasing in ultra-clean societies”

  11. Q-AOS Brown Bag Seminar #77 ”The Psychosocial Impact of Disasters on Persons With Disabilities: Experiences During the Great East Japan Earthquake”

  12. Q-AOS Brown Bag Seminar #76 ”Circadian rhythm and chronotherapy”

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